To be creative, smart & Excel in life !!

Do you need a magic touch or a Master- mind to bridge the gap?

The game of bridge is like magic. Both need the proverbial " Sleight of the hand " and a gift of the gab!

You need to " engineer " the thought process to achieve the acme of perfection in both!

Can one wear different hats with aplomb? Well some of us can 🙂

Malayalees are no doubt multi - talented. Lalettan ( Mohan Lal) started off as a villain and blossomed into a super hero!

We have an Engineer turned Magician turned Bridge player turned Villain turned bridge teacher. The synonym for a teacher is " Master", right?

I have left the proverbial cat out of the bag and you don't need a second guess to spot Sunil Verghese, the magic man of TN bridge with a silver tongue and a gift of the gab. He has also taken the avtaar of a Bridge teacher.

His policy : catch them young if you want bridge to come of age!

When others prefer to chat, he prefers to speak, loud and clear 👌

When the need came, he threw in his hat and is producing and pulling out " Hares"out of his training hat. I am sanguine that he will succeed in making many " Heir apparent " Bridge wards who will mesmerize the bridge scene, sooner than later.

In his own style, I say " Bash on Sunil" , keep weaving your magic wand , we need more from your hat ✌

Here one of his magical students has helped us with his pen - profile for our reading pleasure 😌

By the way Sunil has reportedly played a villain 's role in the movie titled " Jack and Jill" to be released soon. No doubt he is Jack of all trades wearing different hats 👑⛑👒🎩, good show Sunil 🙏

Happy Bridging,