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“ Me - Too” in “ Real” Bridge !

The hocus- focus created by the “ me too” movement is real. All said and done , it is not at all fair to the fairer sex. So “ The Amar, Akbar and Antony” and their infamous actions through defamation cases have fallen flat.

In the world of Bridge game also there are now many “ me - toos”. Till recently the majority of the Bridge fraternity , worldwide , were wedded to BBO ( Bridge Base Online), the pioneer in online Bridge game. Now of course there are multiple choices including “ Real Bridge” with Audio - Video options to give you the near- perfect feeling of live bridge !

I was lured by one of my partners who invited me to play a tourney this week- end on Real bridge platform !

To be honest , I was all at sea “ really”, maybe because of the fear of the unknown !

I missed the comfort of the known ambience of our own BBO. The format , the way the hands were displayed, the not-so comfortable looking faces of other players and your own , were rather unsettling , to say the least!

Maybe my age is catching up. Now one has become “ thin brained” and “ thick fingered” to play by touch on an iPad?

Well , maybe the “Real” is like a star hotel room and the BBO like your own bed room in your own sweet home . As of this moment , I am longing to go back to the comforts of known BBO.

Because of thick fingers and the unfamiliar “ touch play” I bungled two biddings and the defense in two boards - so far - much to the chagrin of my partner 😂

So I rushed with my judgement to declare my hatred to Real bridge , maybe.

As the saying goes , “ practice makes you perfect”. Simultaneously, I must also say that the other proverb “ Familiarity breeds contempt “ need not be true about BBO.

For the budding youngsters in Bridge it is all a boon - on line training and choice of platforms to practice and play.

Real or unreal, the lure of Bridge is irresistible!

Happy Bridging,