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The X, Why, Zee of Bridge

Ladies and Gentlemen

" The X, Why, Zee of Bridge"

Numerology and superstition are common to not only daily life, but also in Bridge!

There is a guy who believes his red T shirt is lucky. So he wears the same shirt on all the days of the tourney! 🙃

First day opponents saw "red", second day they were red on their faces, third day when he appeared with same T shirt ( unwashed of course) the opponents " Smelled" a rat!

Then comes the naming ceremony. Some people are quite boring keeping the same name eternally. Look at the fun they are missing in choosing a team name, every time 😃

And some team had qualified with a particular name - maybe decades ago- so they dig up the same name to revive their luck.

Then comes the numerology. Like famous cricketers or footballers, they want the same jerseys with same numbers, thinking that the number plays major role than any system or gadget!

One pair believed that No. 6 is unlucky, so instead of bidding a safe 6, they bid 7 ! And finally they ended up 6 in the ranking!

Numerology got the better of them 😂

Yet others choose annexes - like X or Y or Z, or numbers 1234.

But they forget the xyz gadget or miss counting trumps after 4 tricks 😉

Congratulations to teams Space X, Nest inn, Covai Cosmo and Anuj.. But the rest also qualified to play pairs😍

One request : please change your T shirts / jackets/ sarees... Even if you are playing from home.. Because some players are really experts with all their senses in tact and can "smell a rat", even on line!

Happy Bridging,