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Percentage in Bridge - Not a Child’s play !

I give up. No more of this guessing game for me. I sure did learn about “ percentage play” in Bridge. But what is this?

I give great weightage for our Bridge Guru “ LS” , and I believed him when he professed that 75 % is sort of a record , with a caveat “ at least for 6 months “ , he said .

Before he could wipe his lips- and before the proverbial ink in my writing pen could dry ...there comes 80% and close on heels a mammoth 85%!

It is beyond me , I agree. How on earth it is possible for these guys , D & D , to notch up this? Are these guys playing , sitting on each other’s lap ? So that they can use the same “ lap- top” and lap up many tops ? Or my suspicion is that the “ Question paper “ got leaked out to these guys 😂😜

It is easy to surmise about a century in Cricket . But will that happen in our friendly neighbourhood game of Bridge ? Well, it looks certainly a possibility within this century !

What is next in store ? God and Dada/Dhadi only will know. When you play against this D & D, you are caught between the Deep Sea and the Devil 🤪?

When I write about National calamity , I must also write about the “ niceties” that happen . One thing you can be sure is that there is no “ gender bias “ in bridge 👏

So it is only fair that the “ fairer sex” is faring so nicely on the national scenario. “ We Men “ should certainly take note of these winning WOMEN from T.N. Great efforts Sherien - Srihari, Uma - Viji and Alka the “ boss” - Shernas.

Living with a magician certainly brings you up on some tricks and treats?

One is an “Ex” President pairing with the current President , all camaraderie and Bon - homie. Very unlike “Trump - Biden “! We are better off with “ No Trump” and “ Bidden hands. E- mails or Blogs, I prefer the Fe- males to bridge the gap left by males!

Men or women, the bridge is sexy, alright.

Yes, I give up , at least on percentage play. It is time you act your age.

I am sanguine that this game is not a child’s play.

Happy Bridging,